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Now, let’s tell you a bit more about Betsy, A.K.A Bone Marrow Betsy

To make our mission possible, we needed a reliable vehicle that would toughen out the worst conditions and roads in Africa. We would have to be able to make mechanical repairs next to the road, and most importantly we would have to be able to afford it. By chance we came across an old retired fire department rescue vehicle – a 1995 Mercedes 1517 4×4, and we instantly knew she was “The One”. We named her Betsy.

2018 - The Fight!

In 2017 Robin got sick and was diagnosed with a rare, incurable disease called Fanconi Anemia the following year. In 2018 he survived a stem cell transplant and MDS.

Don't Panic, Betsy is Organic!

During 2019, we started converting Betsy to run on USED COOKING OIL in order to make the journey more affordable and sustainable.

Quarantine Machine

In March 2020 South Africa went into a national lockdown.

Betsy gets a new look!

During lockdown we used the time to strip and repaint Betsy from top to bottom.

Betsy starts taking shape - 2022

Betsy gets a frame and some cladding and starts looking like a home-on-wheels.

Matches on the Map

In 2022 we get inspired to pay it forward in the best way we know how and the #matchesonthemap project is born.

2023 - Betsy set sail!

On World Marrow Donor Day on the 16th of September, Betsy hit the road in search of life-savers!

Come and Meet Betsy!

Betsy carries our home on her back, she’s part of the team and she’s never at the same place twice. If you’d like to check out this overlanding machine be sure to lookout for upcoming stem cell donor recruitment events on our social media to pop by and say hi!

Rolling on USED cooking oil!

We built a system for Betsy to to run off your everyday takeaway throw away! What!? Yes, Betsy is a clean green machine and running on used cooking oil makes our fuel source sustainable and makes the journey financially viable. You can help us keep the wheels rolling by bringing along your used cooking oil when coming to register as a donor at one of our recruitment events. Have a take-away shop, tuck shop or just eat a lot of “slap chips”? Do not hesitate to contact us.! P.S. Betsy is a herbivore and doesn’t do well on added shortening (animal fats/lard).