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“Numinous” (adj.) – a strong religious or spiritual quality, filled with a sense of the presence of divinity.

“We’ve had many numinous experiences, which left us with feelings of being over-whelmed and inspired by what has been and what is yet to come…”

Numinous Expeditions, a registered Non-Profit Organisation was established in 2017 by Robin & Jolandie Lewis, who in the face of adversity chose to make the best of life’s twists and turns.

“Adversity challenges us all, and it struck our little family in a moment when we least expected it. We were living in Nelspruit, running a successful carpentry business while planning our soon to be wedding. We had a house full of animals, great family and friends, wonderful employees and all of the materialistic wants and needs the average person has. Soon I became sick, receiving blood transfusions every second week for more than six months without knowing the cause. During this trying time, we had the support of all the people around us and we had the opportunity to help others in need. We experienced a breakthrough when we realised what matters most in life. Money was no longer something we wanted to chase, we wanted to chase a purpose. This sparked our dream of helping others in need wherever we can.”

After their wedding they received the devastating news that Robin, at the age of 25 had been diagnosed with Leukemia as well as Fanconi Anemia (a very rare incurable genetic disease, causing different types of cancer.) They were forced to close their business on short notice as the treatment was on the opposite side of South Africa, Cape Town.

“Receiving news like this changes your perspective of what is important completely! The amount of money you bring home every month didn’t seem to matter as much anymore as satisfying our souls in a different way. We decided that we were going to give back to the world, and everything in it. We don’t have a particular cause, but know that we want to help make the world a better place.”
They had a love affair with travelling, and decided to combine it with their dream of helping others in need. They decided to use their carpentry skills one last time to build them a home on wheels so that they could move around. They stripped down the business branding, and started on their trusted ford F250 truck as a very last project at their workshop in Nelspruit. A dream slowly coming to life, a very new and unpredictable life…

“After my bone marrow transplant I battled a lengthy Graft vs Host disease. During this fight for life, knocking on deaths door far more than I would have liked to, I was blessed with a second chance at life. A life I would never again take for granted. A life promised to be dedicated to helping wherever I can for as long as I live. A life of purpose and fulfillment. A life to the glory of God.”
So here they are, an adventurous couple, aspiring to make the world a better place – one project at a time!
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Our Future

  • Completing projects in different towns / cities in each province in South Africa over the course of the next two years.
  • Driving across the globe and completing one project in each country we reach, while living in our truck on a full time basis.
  • Bettering the lives of animals and people where ever we go while inspiring others to live their dreams.
  • To educate people on the importance of treating the earth, as well as animals with respect and kindness.
  • Raising global awareness about Fanconi Anemia – a very rare incurable genetic disease and connecting with fellow FA-warriors.
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Building Betsy

We are in the process of building Betsy the bullnose (Mercedes 1517 4×4) into a full time home on wheels that will soon start the journey of trotting across the globe. Starting with mama AFRICA!

Savings Pocket

We make use of our savings pocket to build capital for bigger and more challenging projects. The funds in this pocket can used from time to time to cover for shortfalls on current projects that have not yet met their fundraising goals. If you would like to make a recurring contribution to our organisation, please select this option. We thank you for your support in helping us help others.

Our Impact by Country

South Africa

Our home country! The rainbow nation, this is where we start our journey. Beautiful experiences and courageous people have shaped our lives into the adventure called Numinious Expeditions.

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