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We do what we can – We are hands on, and capable of anything we set our minds to. Whether there is an orphanage struggling to feed children, or an environmental threat that needs the attention of the public – We make it happen with the help of our sponsors.

The main function of Numinous Expeditions (NUMEX) is to be a supporting structure for other charities and causes. We spread awareness, raise funds, food, and clothing. We go where others can’t – It does not matter if the project takes us into rural or isolated places, bad roads and worse weather is of no concern. We sleep, eat and work in our home built camper and go where we are needed to help out. (please see the “get involved” tab)

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Our Disciplines

We support any conservation efforts. Whether an organisation needs help with saving a particular species of plant, or decontaminating a polluted river – we will find a way to be of service.

In order for us to change the world – we need to better the minds of people, motivate our fellow humans, give hope, and save lives.

Our best friends, our companions, the cycle of life – the most beautiful and natural way of realising and experiencing raw power, unconditional love, and an incredible will to survive. Amongst all the things we do – this probably excites us the most. We love helping out any causes involving animals.

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Dream big, Live big

Our Global Project Initiatives

Group Goal: 10 ZAR / Raised: 1000 ZAR (10000%)

Building Betsy

We are in the process of building Betsy the bullnose (Mercedes 1517 4×4) into a full time home on wheels that will soon start the journey of trotting across the globe. Starting with mama AFRICA!

Group Goal: 1 ZAR / Raised: 0 ZAR (0%)

Savings Pocket

We make use of our savings pocket to build capital for bigger and more challenging projects. The funds in this pocket can used from time to time to cover for shortfalls on current projects that have not yet met their fundraising goals. If you would like to make a recurring contribution to our organisation, please select this option. We thank you for your support in helping us help others.

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