The Windows and Badges:

The windows, badges, and some other sweet stuff! 

A BIG thank you to Seshan Moodley from Assagy Trucking pty, all the way down in KZN for sponsoring us with a big box for Betsy. After enquiring about some second hand window parts on Gumtree (National classifieds) he replied saying that he had read about our mission as he’s also in the process of revamping one of these bullnosed beauties, and wanted to help us out in getting on the road! He sent us a goodie box with 2 second hand windows, new emblems, an acceleration pedal repair kit, some filters, spare keys, two “feelers”, and some much needed bobs and bits that we could use in restoring the old girl.

(above: Thank you Seshan Moodley from Assagy Trucking for sponsoring these parts)

(above: years of sun damage only shows when compared) 

(above: Jolandie installing the new “feelers”)

(above: Oelala…)

(above: Removing the old windows)

(above: these were sponsored by Assagy Trucking)

The windows were removed and stripped. We now had four windows to work with, and started stealing bits and pieces from one, and added it to the other. Eventually we managed to have two complete windows, and sanded down the components to give it a new coat of paint.

The window rubbers were tricky figuring out, and we got some extra brain power when Pugs sat down with us for a quick cup of tea. He’s always in the mood for a quick cup of tea, and we use this to our advantage as he’s insight is highly valued.

(Above: sanded out the old, painted on the new)

(above: better than painting nails)

(above: Eish! – is BrOkEn)

(above: No problem – just fix it)

(above: repairing the window frames with Q-bond, works great!)

(above: window frames repaired and resprayed)

(above: someone get this man a cup of tea!)

(above: reinstalling windows and frames)