How You Can Get Involved

Talk to us, get to know us. Let us know where you think there is a need to better circumstances in the form of community projects, animal welfare, or environmental concerns.  Follow us on the road, and help us to help others. Volunteer your time or skills, or just give us a shout when you see us around. 

There are two ways that you can support us. Select a cause or project of your choice and simply donate supplies, funds, food, or expertise to that particular project on our “projects” page.  Or help us get around by donating towards our fuel costs between projects. All financials are available on request from the general public. Please use project name as payment/donation reference.

Group Goal: 10 ZAR / Raised: 1000 ZAR (10000%)

Building Betsy

We are in the process of building Betsy the bullnose (Mercedes 1517 4×4) into a full time home on wheels that will soon start the journey of trotting across the globe. Starting with mama AFRICA!

Group Goal: 1 ZAR / Raised: 0 ZAR (0%)

Savings Pocket

We make use of our savings pocket to build capital for bigger and more challenging projects. The funds in this pocket can used from time to time to cover for shortfalls on current projects that have not yet met their fundraising goals. If you would like to make a recurring contribution to our organisation, please select this option. We thank you for your support in helping us help others.

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