Gertha – Good Times:

We were fortunate that we were able to hold on to Gertha – our f250 – up to this time (October 2020). The difficult decision was made to fix her up, and sell her to cover some of the costs of the truck build. With Lucky’s help, we stripped, repaired, and repainted Gertha back to her former glory, and put her on the market in the hopes of finding someone that would love her as much as we did.

We built “Gertha” in a real rush. In 2017 I got ill, and was told early in 2018 that we would have to shut down our business (Manshed Carpentry), pack up our lives, and move to Cape Town to undergo a bone marrow transplant – ASAP. It had always been my dream to build an overland vehicle, and decided to use my last remaining resources and strenght to build it before I booked into hospital. Our team of carpenters, friends, and family assited us in the build:

We have many fond memories of Gertha, and she inspired us to continue on with our jorney into the unknown. We soon realised that Gertha wouldn’t be ideal for Africa, as there were a couple of concerns. We built the camper frame from steel, and cladded it with plywood – This was a huge mistake, as it made for a very heavy home. The F250 would’t last over rough terrain, and even if she did, parts would have been very difficult to come by in rural Africa.

All  this being said, it was a great vehicle and never gave us any major hassles.

We sold Getha in October 2020 to gain funds to get the Betsy build started. We were pleased to let her go to a good home, and the new owners were over the moon:

(above: sold!)